Withdrawals and deposits

How many confirmations do you require on deposits?

The deposit process requires only 1 confirmation for any networks.

Withdrawals process and ETA

NitroDice processes withdrawals in two ways: instant and manual. Instant withdrawals are processed immediately. The user can follow the transaction on the website or via any blockchain explorer. Sometime Nitrodice needs to delay the withdrawal process when there are not enough funds in the game hot wallet. We keep most of the funds in cold wallet or collateral investments. Transferring funds is a manual process which can take from a few minutes to few hours. In such a case the withdrawal will be marked as "pending" and will be submitted to the network as soon as funds are moved. Also sometime we need to group withdrawals in a single transaction, the side effect is a longer wait for the user.

Security and terms of the service

You can use the service only as intended. Any other usage is strictly forbidden and enforced. We provide API to wager and create your own play strategy. Any other script to collect faucet, withdraw, deposit, register automatically is not permitted. The infringement of this usage terms is subject to sudden account termination and further investigations. User agrees that any violation or threatened violation of this use terms will entitling NitroDice to obtain injunctive relief in addition to all legal remedies.